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When it comes to wining & dining in Valencia, you are spoilt for choice. Whether it is savoury treats or even if you are a bit of a sweet tooth; in Valencia you can find a wide range of restaurants and bars for all pallets.

I am going to name one of my favourite café restaurants in Valencia; it is called «Ma Khin Café» it is inside Mercado Colon, down in the basement. The menu is Asian/Indian with a little touch of Mediterranean and with some of the desserts, a touch of the Anglo Saxon such as mini trifles. The owner and creator, Steve Anderson comes from a mixed, multicultural background himself, which is explained in greater detail on the front of the menu, giving his restaurant a more personal touch; in contrast to the image of so many other anonymous modern restaurants.

My only criticism  as far as the seating is concerned, is that the tables slide a bit across the floor when you lean on them, as they need to put rubber grips on the legs of the tables to stop this from happening, but this is easily solved and doesn’t affect the more important issue of the food.

Service is friendly, but without crowding you, which is important, as I have had the odd experience whereby the waiters were a little too keen or fast, to withdraw your plate before you had finished, making you feel under pressure to do so. This is not the case at «Ma Khin Café».

The range of flavours on the menu are extensive and a brave choice on the chef’s part, given that there are a lot of western and local people who tend to be less adventurous when it comes to food. However, I think that food is like music and that you need to listen, taste or simply experience an extensive variety so as to discover new pleasures, instead of adopting the attitude of «better the devil you know than the devil you don’t«.

All their ingredients are bought fresh from the Mercado Central, I recommend the lunch time menu, both for weekends and weekdays, the latter being cheaper on working days.

I also recommend the brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays, especially the Eggs Benedict, followed by a slice of one of their many homemade cakes.

As regards drinks, they have a typical old fashioned drink from England called «ginger beer» this actually goes nicely with some of the spicier dishes as it provides a nice kick to wash the food down.

So if you wish to discuss some of your favourite restaurants with me at «clases de inglés en Valencia», then feel free to turn up to one of my many conversation classes from Tuesday to Thursday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm ….. or perhaps we may even bump into each other at «Ma Khin Café» one day! 🙂





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