Valencia’s Oranges

By 18 febrero, 2017English:Blog

Food is without doubt, one of the greatest pleasures in life. It fills us with joy and pride to be able to enjoy the full range of flavours our earth has to offer. In fact, every country and culture in the world have dates, set around the seasons in which they celebrate their local produce. You do not need to hear it from me, that an orange picked and squeezed minutes from being plucked from a branch, is ten times better than any commercial supermarket brand can offer, regardless of all the money they try to spend on marketing to convince you that their product is equally as fresh as food that comes straight from a field or orchard.

All the marketing and branding in the world can not come even close to the way mother nature presents us with nutrition. Nature too has its own sort of branding, it is organic branding, as every plant and flower advertises its presence to the bees and insects, in the hope of pollinating future species. The colours and «organic packaging» that nature uses, such as a banana skin or an orange skin, use the most vibrant, vivid colours and sensual aromas nature has to offer us.

So it is surprising that nowadays, we only trust food when it comes in fancy plastic packaging, with a brand and logo stamped on it. We no longer trust nature to provide us with our nutrition but instead billion dollar corporations who wish to monopolize our most basic needs.

One of the many reasons I fell in love with Valencia, was that in spite of the mass commercialization of food, I still frequently meet people who grow their own food, from fruit and vegetables to breeding free range chickens. So there is still hope 😉

I have to confess, that I too have my guilty pleasures when it comes to commercial food brands, but I would never want to live in a world in which all the big supermarkets and artificial food manufacturers had complete control over our food supply. Therefore, I still try to support small local bakeries, green grocers, butchers and farmers whenever I get the chance, even if it means paying more. I believe that investing in healthier more expensive food, is investing in your future health, not to mention the huge difference in taste.

Where do you buy your food from? Lets discuss this and much more at our next session 🙂

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