«Tyris Märzen» Local Craft Beer Valencian Brew

By 2 agosto, 2018Sin categoría

Probably the best local craft beer to my knowledge. I could make a long list of other international brews that are of equal or similar quality but as a Valencian resident, I have to admit that this beer is well up to standard.

I tend to prefer toasted, malt, darker beers and I am happy to include this one on my best of list.

If «Tyris» wishes to become the official sponsors of «Clases de Inglés en Valencia» then they are more than welcome, either through a monthly beer supply or otherwise. Wishful thinking 😉

In any case, next time you are at a bar and wish to step away from the tired and tasteless ultra commercial beers then I confidently recommend «Tyris Märzen» perhaps a little more expensive than other commercial brands but worth every penny.

Next time we are on a terrace discussing world politics along with other lighter issues you know what to order ladies and gentlemen 😉


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