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By 16 febrero, 2016English:Blog

There are many things you can do in order to make your study day or work day a little livelier. The best one I think, is to be out and about. Don’t stay cooked up indoors, when you could be out enjoying the sights and sounds of such a beautiful city that is Valencia. I make sure that every day I find a nice public space in which to write my blogs, correct homework or sit quietly knitting. The idea is to get out of your office or home and work surrounded by people. This in my case, is in addition to shooting all over Valencia to teach.

One of my favourite places at the moment is Valencia’s public library «Biblioteca Pública Valencia» on Calle Hospital. As you may already know, it is a bright open space, in which people from all walks of life, come to work, study, research and of course, read.

It is also a reminder that all human knowledge was at one time or another contained in such buildings and that even in this computer age, as I sit here typing, it is vital to keep such places alive.

Your other option is to nip out to your local café and sit with your laptop while you occasionally raise your head to watch the world go by. This is equally valid in my opinion as you may bump into familiar faces, while helping to keep your local café in business as well.

In fact, it is thanks to such choices, that I have in many cases gotten to know many of the cities where I have worked, in some cases even better than local people. To this day, I can still name many of the streets and places in Manchester, Madrid, Seville, Lyon and Barcelona.

So I recommend for you to be out and about; you never know what little gems are hiding within your own city. Perhaps we can even go for a walking and talking session during one our «clases de inglés en Valencia» lessons.



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