Motivation For Workers

By 6 enero, 2018English:Blog

Nowadays most companies do not value or take into account the need to motivate their workers; instead they offer low pay and monotonous tasks. Then after several months or years, they wonder why their workers are no longer motivated.

It is fundamental for staff to be kept motivated in the workplace. I believe it is an insult to someone’s intelligence to offer them a job for 40 hours a week, in which you only expect them to carry out the same repetitive tasks over and over.

Our gift as human beings is to have a creative brain, full of curiosity and always questioning. Most companies offer jobs that go against that most innate gift which makes us human.

Given the fact that the average worker spends 80% of their waking life at work, I think that workers should demand more from their employers. This does not only have to take shape in terms of money (which certainly helps) but also in terms of staff training.

In exchange a worker should be willing to work overtime, including bank holidays if necessary and above all, always be punctual.

If a company is not in a financial position to reward their staff monetarily, then the least they could do is to train their staff so as to improve their workers CV’s, regardless of whether the worker decides to stay on at their company or not, as this creates healthy competition within the labour market.

Unfortunately most companies in today’s labour market offer neither.

A good skilled worker with plenty of experience should be a sought after commodity and not simply an expendable source of labour.

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