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The term metrosexual is derived from the term metropolitan and sexual, according to the Internet, it was coined in 1994 to describe men who take special care of their physical appearance.

I think that these days, the term could be used to describe a vast array of men in all parts of the world. In approximately the last 20 years, men have caught up with women, when it comes to personal grooming. Nowadays, the pressure is on men to look flawless too.

As a metrosexual man myself, I can speak openly and honestly about this supposedly female past time. The truth is that men are just as self-conscious as women when it comes to looks. Now it is true that with age, a lot of your original teenage hang ups dissipate as you become more comfortable in your own skin. However as you get older, new grooming challenges present themselves; for instance, as a man I am discovering hair in places which before never grew, such as longer nostril hair and the odd ear air that wants to sprout out like a whisker, except that unlike a dog, these whiskers serve no purpose, other than to make you look older and hairier.

In addition to this, I would also like to point out my Frida Kahlo monobrow and slightly potruding ears which during my teenage years, held me back considerably. Of course, now as a grown up I can laugh, but growing up is a tough business and British children can be especially cruel when teasing and looking out for weaknesses among the herd. All things considered though, as an adult I can take things in my stride and even learn to enjoy my weekly facial gardening, although I am certainly not the best person to speak to for beauty tips.


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