Man and Beast

By 5 noviembre, 2017English:Blog

There is no difference! Man and beast are the same…..the only difference is that some beasts are more educated or domesticated than others. One of the reasons I love domesticated dogs is that they are the bridge between our animal nature and our evolved human nature, yet one should never adopt the arrogant stance that we are above the beast, as we will always be made of flesh and bone and subjected to the same weaknesses and diseases that they are subjected to, regardless of how much technology we surround ourselves with.

You can hide behind intellectual posing as much as you wish; but there is no avoiding the inevitable truth that you are made of the same fallible materials as the average animal, flesh, blood and bone. If you wish to appear above and beyond your basic instincts, you are only tempting fate to send you crashing down like «Icarus».

Do not become an existential snob but instead accept your shortcomings by embracing that which makes you fallible. When I look into the eyes of an animal such as myself, I see my own helplessness reflected in their eyes like the beast which is hunted down in a moment of physical weakness….similarly to that of a bull who has been trapped in a ring and defeated by the «matadero» as it takes its last few breaths or a fox who has been chased down along the English countryside to his last few heartbeats.

Needless to say, I identify with the beast in such cases. I have met men who resemble such beasts and have little refuge when it comes to seeking shelter from the modern computer age in which we live. Brute physical strength is a thing of the past which no longer serves a working class function, but has rather become an obsolete vantage which only serves for superficial, narcissistic reasons by going to the gym and doing heavy lifting, so as to look good in a tight t-shirt, instead of as a means of making ends meet by putting food on the table, like construction builders and carpenters.


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