Letters from a Grandmother

By 8 marzo, 2016English:Blog


I run the risk of sounding like a hypocrite as I sing about the virtues of hand written letters while at the same time promoting this website. However, I am sure that plenty of you would agree regardless, that there is something rare and unique these days about receiving a sealed envelope, with your name and address scribbled on it; especially when you recognize the person’s handwriting.

I have had a quite a few pen pals throughout my life. I lost touch with some, but with others continue to send the odd letter. There was one person however, who always made the effort to answer in the most beautiful handwriting, and as the title suggests this person was my grandmother.

It is always curious how when you read a friend or family member’s letter, their voice jumps out of the page at you with cristal clear sound. The truth is that some sense memories work better than visual stimulants, if you can find them that is. They say that there are certain unique ways of identifying someone; your finger prints, the iris of your eyes and more obviously your handwriting. The latter is somewhat more accessible and easier to collect. I also have letters from friends and family, dating back to the late 80’s but the frequency and interest with which my grandmother responded, eclipsed them all.

I once read a quote by someone, so allow me to paraphrase «if you email someone you can reach their mind but if you write by hand, you will reach their heart» I apologize for the twee sentiment but I am sure it is something everyone can relate to.

So don’t be afraid to pick up pen and paper for that special someone, by making that little extra effort.

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