Kick start 2019 by catching up with old friends

By 27 enero, 2019English:Blog

Take stock of 2018 by reflecting on both your professional and private life. Set yourself some goals for 2019.

Make sure there are some short term achievable goals but also set yourself some longer and slightly more challenging goals. You don’t need to write them down … just make a mental note of them as you are probably already aware of what they are.

Start the year on a good foot by catching up with old friends, especially those friends who live abroad, every year, so as not to lose those friendships that you value most.

I was over the moon to have received a visit from my old friend from Extremadura, who was my flatmate in Sevilla back in 2009 yet now lives in Brazil.

This time both he and his wife spent a few nights here in Valencia. We went wining and dining around local restaurants. It was a case of good company, good food and good conversation.

It is now my turn to return the favour by flying overseas again to Brazil.

So this is how it is and how it must be  …. with genuine gestures of putting words into action that relatonships survive over the decades.

If you also value face to face communication above everything else …. then I hope to see you soon in class 😉


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