«Calçat i Pell» Don’t waste your money on a new one …. just fix the old one!

By 2 agosto, 2018English:Blog

We often debate in class about recycling and sustainability and as we all know, big enterprises want us to be in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

In the last 3 years I have taken several items of clothing and accessories to different repair shops around our city to extend the life of that item, instead of simply throwing it in the bin and buying a new one, as most people do.

The excuse is that «Mending it costs more than buying a new one …..  So why bother?»

Well, I guess I am a bit old school when it comes to  such questions. I become sentimentally attached to certain items of clothing and accessories. Something which is impossible for most people to do these days, as we are used to throwing something out the second it starts to look a little worn out.

Our bodies are also wearing out, yet you would never dream of amputating an old limb. Old clothes have real character and style ….. something which clothes companies and hipsters try to imitate by purchasing new clothes that are designed and made to look older.

My suggestion is ….. why don’t you stop constantly buying new clothes and simply fix what you have. You can even improve the original item by making it even stronger than before.

There is a shoe repair shop next to our classroom which I can strongly recommend called «Calçat i Pell». The owner has mended several  leather items for me and has even improved their original quality at very reasonable prices.

So …. next time you are pondering about going clothes shopping to buy something new or throwing out something old ….. stop and pay a visit to «Calçat i Pell» on Carrer Vinatea, I assure you, you will feel greater satisfaction than buying a new one.

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