Brexit and the British disease

By 26 febrero, 2020English:Blog

«An Engliman’s house is his castle» is an old maxim which holds true to this day, along with the British «stiff upper lip» of always remaining stoic under pressure.

Geographically, Britain is a wet and dreary island with an island mentality. The caste system is alive and kicking as so many Brits sadly continue to look up to the Monarchy (despite all its scandals) as a symbol of Britishness, a symbol of a bygone era, when Britania ruled the waves.

In modern day Britain, every other Brit dreams of living in a detached house with a garden to become what they secretly desire yet openly pretend to despise. Yet, it is not so much their lifestyle but rather their mindset where I believe the «disease» part of my blog title comes into play.

A Brit is a person who when visiting overseas nations, is superficially polite but with an undercurrent of entitlement. A misplaced sense of greatness for having heralded from «Great» Britain, such a pompus name for such a tiny island.

There is nothing new, in pointing out Britains snivelling, servile, submission to America, as every decade Britain’s identity and culture becomes more and more Ameracanized. Some might even say that Britain’s identity has been completely replaced on every level by American corporations which have a tentacled grip on every sector within the British economy.

This was most clearly seen in 2003 when despite a mass protest of 750.000 Londoners on the streets opposing the Irak invasion; Tony Blair’s «Cool Britania» led the charge along side the Bush administration (the Bush family from Texas made their fortune in the petrol industry) to commit mass genocide in «retaliation» for the 2,996 victims of 9/11 (cue post war Hollywood blockbuster propaganda movies starring every lowbrow, knuckle dragging, action hero in Hollywood), whilst «coincidentally» mopping up every petrol well in their wake.

Who would of thought that George «Nosferatu» Bush had such a thirst for petrol?

The only other two European countries in favour of the invasion were Spain led by Jose Maria Aznar and Bulgaria.

France defiently made the right decision by opposing the invasion. In fact, even the United Nations was unanimously against the invasion.

Little, if nothing is said in mainstream press of the 1,033,000 violent deaths caused by the Iraq War. Obviously, there will be no Hollywood blockbuster movies addressing the mass genocide of innocent Iraki people.

So … here we are 17 years after the profit driven or should I say petrol driven Iraki massacre and now 44% percent of the British public wish to leave the European Union.

It seems that little is learned by the British people, so long as the British disease persists, and in spite of Brexit not having a majority … it doesn’t matter as democracy has been dead, ever since Britain signed its pact with the devil (America) for world dominance by all means necessary.

As Macron says «lets make our planet great again»






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