Bank Holiday!

By 6 diciembre, 2016English:Blog

A bank holiday is basically a day off. It is called a bank holiday, because traditionally when the banks closed you would wait until they opened again so as to continue doing business. This official time off was brought about in 1871 by liberal politician Sir John Lubbock.

Bank holidays are the perfect time to meet up and hang out with friends in order to catch up on old times over a cup of tea or a glass of wine; preferably with some Spanish cured cheese on the side. In any case it is a time to put your feet up and reflect upon your life and the company you keep. It is also a time in which to catch up on hobbies you have set aside, in my case knitting, dancing, cooking and French.

Most importantly though it is a time to dedicate to the maintenance of friendships by making some physical appearance in the lives of those people you treasure most, providing they are at least in the same continent of course. Having said this, if you have a little money set aside, you can always go on a short get away to visit your friend in question.

It is also perfectly acceptable to be a couch potatoe for a few days and charge your batteries before you return to work.

Whatever your plan is, I hope you make the most of your downtime!

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